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Congratulations on your new space! Now that that’s settled, you just have to figure out how you’re going to pack and move everything without breaking the bank, that fragile lamp your mother gifted you, or your back. We understand that moving can be stressful and we want to help. This ultimate moving guide will alleviate your concerns and get rid of that stress.

House Moving Checklist

The first step is creating a moving checklist. Make a list of things to do and remember when moving. This checklist is essential to maintaining the organization necessary in your moving schedule.

  • Make sure you cancel and/or redirect scheduled deliveries so that they get shipped to the correct address.
  • Create and check off a supply list.
  • Clean your current home for the next resident.
  • Unplug your fridge and freezer to defrost the night before. Make sure you lay a towel in front of the unit to absorb any water that leaks.
  • Make sure nothing is hiding on shelves or in closet corners.
  • Before conducting a final walkthrough with your landlord, do your own review with someone else with fresh eyes. There are many things to check before moving out!
  • Watch the weather channel and take note of any conditions that may affect your move.
  • Pack an essentials box with everything you’ll need for your first 24 hours in your new home. Make sure to include a takeout menu!
  • Come up with a backup plan in case your movers run late or don’t show up at all.
  • Take photos of your empty place to prove it’s in pristine, move-out condition.
  • Withdraw cash from a bank or ATM to tip your movers.
  • Clean your new place. You can either do it yourself or hire professional cleaners. A lot of times, the previous homeowners are only required to sweep the house or apartment.
  • Confirm moving date and provide detailed directions and your new address to the moving company.
  • Make arrangements and be prepared to have someone at the old house and the new house in order to supervise the move on both ends—most moving companies will require it.
  • Get the name and phone number of the driver so you can be in touch for an estimated time of arrival or in case they get lost.

Moving Supplies

Woman Pack Boxes for Portable Storage

Packing and moving can be a huge task but, just like with any big job, it suddenly becomes easier with the proper tools. Generally, when planning a move boxes of various sizes are required. While larger items may need large or extra-large boxes, remember that heavy things need to be placed in as many small boxes as possible. Conversely, lightweight things can go into larger boxes and will still be easy to move. All that being said, you are going to need more than just boxes and tape!

  • Moving boxes of various sizes
  • Storage cubes
  • Tape
  • Masking tape for labelling
  • Scissors/box cutters
  • Sticker labels
  • Permanent markers for labelling
  • Packing material (bubble wrap or packing paper)
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Rope and bungee cords to keep boxes and furniture in place
  • Blankets to protect furniture, mirrors, and your TV
  • Felt pads to protect floors while moving large furniture
  • Hand truck or dolly
  • Basic cleaning supplies, such as a broom/dustpan, sponges, multi-purpose and glass cleaners, and paper towels to clean the house

Loading & Unloading

Moving Boxes Pack with Items


Each item is labelled, inventoried, and loaded in a systematic manner so that the most important items can be unloaded to your new home first. Fragile and valuable items should be properly wrapped and loaded to the moving vehicle.

Man and Woman Near Storage Boxes


Ensure all items are inventoried as they are unloaded. Maintaining proper organization during the unloading process will aide in the management of the unpacking when you’ve finished the move. Labelled boxes for each room should be placed in the marked location.

Storage Options

portable storage truck

When moving, many people opt to temporarily rent a portable storage unit so they can slowly go through the decluttering process and keep their home tidy. Portable storage boxes also give you greater flexibility during the move than traditional moving trucks. You can simply leave the storage unit in your driveway or front lawn for weeks on end and take your time packing instead of having to do all the work in one or two days.