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Although it may seem tedious to create a moving budget it is an essential first step when planning your big move. This task does not need to be as annoying as it may seem if you simply factor in the costs you need to.

Creating a moving costs checklist/ moving expenses list can be completed using a pen, paper and calculator or by utilizing software programs to create a budget template. Try something simple such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel that will use formulas to help you budget your cost of moving.

Now that you have chosen a way to budget your cost to move, here are just a few things to consider when you are planning your moving budget.

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1. Transportation

If you find yourself using a car and moving vehicles you will need to add in the costs for fuel for both of these vehicles. Furthermore, if you need to rent either vehicle you will need to think about the costs of those and implement them into your moving budget.

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2. Temporary Housing

Perhaps your new home will not be ready to move into in time, look into hotels, Airbnbs or crashing with a friend.

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3. Packing Materials

This is a list within a list of your moving expenses list.

  • Boxes: That’s right, boxes cost money and are essential to your move.
  • Wrapping materials: Contenders for this material include newspaper, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap to keep your valuables safe during the move.
  • Tape: Lots of it.
  • Markers: to label your boxes.
  • Mattress covers/padding: These may be provided if you are using a moving company but factor the cost in just in case.
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4. Storage fees

Believe it or not you will require storage before, during and potentially following your move. It is important to corporate this into your budget. You may choose to go with portable storage or self-storage.

Portable Storage

Also known as mobile storage refers to a smaller and closeable container that is delivered to your home. The delivered container stays on-site for the entirety of your move.

The more common uses for this “storage pods” or storage container rental solution are:

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Waiting for the building of your home

When there is a delay in the construction of your new home and you need to vacate your current living situation, there is the option to store your furniture and your belongings in mobile storage containers. This is also a great solution if your new home has yet to be vacated by previous tenants or trash.

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Long-term storage

Additionally one may choose to use portable storage containers or mobile storage for long-term storage, similar to a garage or a shed.

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You are moving to a new home

A great way to save yourself some time, money and space while moving is to rent portable storage containers to store your things.

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Mobile storage is most frequently used during renovations to store furniture during the renovation process.


Self-storage is essentially an extension of your home storage area similar to your shed or your garage. It is a dry,secure, and clean space located in a self-storage facility used to store your items for as long as necessary. Think, Storage Wars?

In terms of the cost and how it pertains to your moving budget, most storage companies will rent self-storage units on a month-to-month basis so you only pay for the time you need.

Some of the most common uses for storage units are:

Seasonal portable storage containers

Seasonal storage

This particular use is for holiday decorations, season tools or clothing (shorts in the Winter, snowsuits and sweaters in the Summer), or potentially used foryard furniture.

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Remodelling Your Home

When your home is being remodelled whether it be one room or the entire house there is a large amount of clutter and items you do not want to be damaged during the process. This is why some choose to rent a storage unit during this time.

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Moving From Home To Home

When moving from home to home self-storage places are frequently used as a temporary place for your furniture, your appliances, clothing you do not need at the time and other household items until your new home is available to move into. This is also a good time to organize your things before you move.

Extra insurance: If you are storing or moving valuables, include extra insurance to make sure your goods are covered and safe.

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5. Meals

The pizza you are supplying to your friends to help you move isn’t free!

When you take the time to truly factor in the needs you have during a move such as the above you will stay within budget and remain aware of your purchases at the same time. These budgeting techniques can be applied to your everyday life as well, not just your moving costs.