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Ask anyone who’s done a home or office renovation and they’ll tell you – it’s messy! Even small jobs like painting can cause real disruption and damage to your property. And bigger jobs like underpinning, basement refinishing and gut renovations will impact the entire home, spreading dust, debris and fumes all over interior decorations, and into clothing and other belongings. Not to mention the potential for damaged furniture, and the clutter created by construction tools and materials left on site.

Self Storage When Remodeling & Renovating

So if you’re considering a home or office renovation – or if you started one without realizing the extent of the impact – you’ll want to consider whether storage is a solution for keeping your possessions clean and safe.

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Luckily for renovators, the storage industry is more convenient than ever. Today’s storage client has lots of flexibility, including choice of unit size, and more importantly, the option of portable storage. That’s right: you can have a storage pod brought right to your door, so that you can pack at your home, at your pace! This eliminates the need to hire movers and stick to their schedule. It also means you no longer have to load up your vehicle and drive to and from a storage locker. Instead, you can have one or more storage pods at your home. While some portable storage providers are limited in where they can deliver a pod, others have more agile delivery systems that can deliver a portable storage container into your driveway, alley, or side or rear yard.

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What’s more, with portable storage, you can choose where you want to store your property during your renovation. For example, you can keep your pod at your home, in case you need regular access. You could even have your trades use a portable storage pod for keeping their tools and materials handy on the job, without taking up your whole house. Alternately, your storage provider can store your possessions off site until your renovation is complete, ensuring they are out of harm’s way. Things that will be much better off in storage during your renovation include anything that is susceptible to dust, dirt, fumes or damage such as furniture, window coverings, bedding, mattresses, seasonal clothing and recreational gear, appliances, office contents and equipment, and entertainment consoles.

Renovating is a big job, and it takes a lot of mental energy. During a renovation, you don’t want to be worrying about the things that make your house into a home.

Our customers value portable storage as a convenient way to protect their possessions during a home or office renovation: “I rented a storage pod in October due to water damage to my home. It’s now March and I am finally ready to empty the contents back into my home – the renovations are almost complete. The bin was a lifesaver! It’s clean, waterproof and the customer service is top-notch!” – Shelly Hussey.

If you’ve seen the light then you’re ready for the next step – determining the best storage size to meet your needs

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