Outside Storage for Blue Sky Containers

When it comes to portable storage units, there are plenty of options on the market right now. Storage containers come in a variety of materials: wood, plastic, aluminum, etc. However, storage companies have been recently switching to steel as the main material in storage boxes. This is because of the many advantages steel offers when used in mobile storage units.

Advantages of Steel Storage Units

1. Durability and Quality

Steel storage containers provide superior long-term strength compared to wooden, fibreglass or plastic portable containers. They are highly resistant to corrosion and combustion, which makes them the number one choice in durability.Photo of Indoor Storage Containers

Also, unlike plastic or fibreglass storage containers, for example, steel containers will not split, crack, or warp over time, because they can withstand the heavy weight of their content as well as harsh weather conditions and high impacts. This means there’s less chance of pests and rodents finding their way into your stuff. The saying “tough as steel” certainly holds true.

2. Secure Storage

Steel storage containers will guarantee your items remain safe and sound while in storage. Steel is pretty much impermeable so you can rest assured your belongings are fully secure in a steel storage unit. Combined with safety features that come with quality portable storage units—such as lockable doors, and built-in D-rings and rails to attach tie-downs to—steel undoubtedly offers the highest level of security.Photo of Storage Container Inside Look

3. Climate-Controlled Storage

A crucial feature in portable storage containers is resistance to moisture and that’s exactly what steel containers provide. People who use mobile storage boxes are often concerned about mould, mildew, and pests. However, the great thing about steel containers is that they are extremely tensile, meaning they are hardly ever affected by changes in temperature. You don’t have to worry about your storage unit cracking if it’s outside during the winter. This, in turn, allows portable storage providers to offer an impressive range of climate control for their containers—roughly between +10 and +35 degrees Celsius.Photo of Outdoor Storage Bluesky

4. Eco-Friendly Storage

Steel is 100% recyclable. This means that much of the steel used in storage containers has been used before. In addition, you can take comfort knowing your portable storage box will be reused or recycled in the future, rather than ending up in a landfill. So, for someone looking for an environmentally-conscious choice in mobile storage, steel is simply the way to go.Photo of Bluesky Moving Truck

Steel Storage Containers Is the Way to Go

Steel is clearly a superior material when it comes to portable storage containers. Not only does steel combine efficiency, longevity, and security, but it is also highly sustainable. If you are on the lookout for mobile storage that fulfills the aforementioned criteria, steel containers are definitely the smartest option available.