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Are you working from home as a result of the covid-19 pandemic? Or perhaps you’re grappling with how to allow social distancing in your workplace as your staff return? Many of us are faced with this challenge – of carving out new spaces, or redefining work environments to make more efficient use of the spaces we already have. Naturally, what was there before will be displaced in one way or another.

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This inevitably leads to questions about what is necessary and what is not, and where “extra” stuff goes. The uncertainty doesn’t help: how long will this last? What if we make changes, get rid of things, only to find out we can go back to the way it was before? Certainly we don’t want to clear out spaces, get rid of furniture, possessions, business equipment or other items, only to wish we had them back six months from now.

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And then there are the concerns around contact: what if people hired to pack and move end up contaminating my home or my workplace, or spread it to myself, my staff, my co-workers? These are indeed difficult and complex times. We sympathize, sincerely.

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If you’re trying to sort through these challenges, you may want to consider Blue Sky Storage and our solutions for portable storage. Our innovative approach provides a temporary way to free up space, while you work through this and evaluate next steps, without having to get rid of stuff altogether.

Storage Containers in The Warehouse

You can get a storage pod delivered to your home or office, where you can pack at your own pace. Our delivery system is agile – it can fit tight spaces like driveways, yards, alleys and parking lots. It’s also contact-free, so you don’t have to worry about contamination. Once you’ve loaded your pod, you can keep it at your site, or store it offsite with 24/7 access at our gated video monitored facility.

Whatever your situation, we’ll do our best to help find the right solution. Call us now to find out more.