men holding a box with gloved hands

Moving can be stressful at the best of times. Moving during a global pandemic, where people are asked to self-isolate and stay two meters apart at all times – that certainly adds to the challenge.

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If you are locked into moving during the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need a plan for how to protect your health in the process, including maintaining physical / social distancing, and minimizing shared spaces and shared points of contact. Conventional moving services may implement protective measures such as masks and gloves, but it’s inevitable that someone else will be repeatedly entering your home, and touching each and every bit of your stuff. All it takes is a subconscious wipe of the nose or eyes, a cough or a sneeze with the mask down, and your health is compromised.

A safer alternative to conventional moving

Portable storage offers a safer, healthier alternative to conventional moving services. Instead of having someone else handle and potentially contaminate virtually everything you own, portable storage eliminates the need for other people, significantly reducing the risk of infection. With a portable storage pod delivered right to your door, you can load at your site and at your pace. Yes, it can mean a little more work. But it also means more control, and under the circumstances, the increased safety and peace of mind may well be worth the trouble. At Blue Sky Storage, we’re dedicated to the health and safety of our customers, and you can be confident that your storage unit will arrive freshly cleaned for immediate use.

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Further, movers have a schedule to keep. They’ll be pushing to wrap up as quickly as possible, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by boxes that you’re afraid to touch. By contrast, portable storage allows you to leave your possessions in containment for an extended period of time. While science is unclear as to how long the coronavirus lives on innate materials, we know that it does. So, if you must rely on someone else to help you move, you might still want to do so using portable storage. That way you can leave your stuff locked up for as long as you want, keeping your new home free of clutter, accessing and unpacking only as needed, and sterilizing as you go.

With warehousing, storage and logistics deemed an essential service during the pandemic, Blue Sky Storage continues to operate. Please see the notice on our homepage for additional measures adopted to ensure health and safety, as well as recommendations regarding pertinent storage arrangements.