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If you are preparing for a move or you need to do your seasonal cleaning but are stuck between mobile storage and self-storage, let us break it down as to what each option entails and which one is right for you.

Mobile Storage Solutions

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Also known as portable storage, mobile storage pods refer to a small and easily closeable container that is delivered to your home, business or wherever it is needed. The delivered container stays on-site for the entirety of the time you use it.

What Are Portable Storage Pods Used for?

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Mobile Storage During a Renovation

Mobile storage or portable storage is most frequently used during renovations to hold household items and furniture during the renovation process.

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Storage During Residential Construction or Restoration

When there is a delay in the construction of your new home and you need to vacate your current place of living, there is the option to store your furniture and treasured belongings in mobile storage containers.

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Moving to A New Home

A great way to save yourself some time and space while moving is to rent portable storage containers to store your packed boxes, bags, and belongings. You can have the container delivered directly to the new home from a moving company.

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Long-Term Storage

You can also use a storage rental for long-term storage, similar to a garage or a shed. You can use this storage option for your tools, furniture you no longer use or your motorcycle over winter. The great thing about portable storage is that you can keep it in your yard or driveway without hassle.

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College and University Students

Often post-secondary students who are living in dorms must vacate their residences to work or return home during the summer. Mobile pod storage is a great solution to temporarily store your books, your school supplies and belongings, ready for the new semester.

Self-Storage Solutions

Self-storage is essentially an extension of your home storage areas such as your shed or your garage. It is a dry, clean, and secure space located in a self-storage facility used to store your items for as long as necessary. In terms of cost, most storage companies will rent self-storage units on a month-to-month basis so you only pay for the time you need. For anyone who wants to declutter or needs extra space during a move, a self-storage space is a viable option.

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There are many reasons people choose to utilize self-storage and it’s not just about avoiding becoming a hoarder, many are similar to mobile storage solutions. There are other reasons for the long-term or short-term use of storage units.

What Is Self-Storage Used for?

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Seasonal Storage

This use is for holiday decorations, season tools or clothing (shorts in the Winter, snowsuits in the Summer), or yard furniture.

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Remodelling Your Home

When your home is being remodelled whether it be one room or the entire house there is a large amount of clutter and items you do not want to be damaged during the process. This is why some choose to rent a storage unit during this time.

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Moving from home to home

When moving from home to home, self-storage places are frequently used as a temporary place for your furniture, your appliances, clothing you do not need at the time and other household items until your new home is available to move into. This is also a good time to organize your things before you move.

So, when you are choosing between your storage options of mobile storage or self-storage you have these uses and factors to consider. Think about what use you have for the storage to help determine which to use, next consider the travel time needed for self-storage versus the space needs for mobile storage.

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Perhaps the most outstanding advantage portable storage pods have over self-storage is that you can keep the container at your location for as long as you need. This means it is easy to access for as long as you need it, unlike a self-storage facility that you have to drive to every time you want to check on your belongings. Sure, you might be able to find cheaper self-storage alternatives to portable units, and this is exactly why you need to weigh your options. Do you value convenience over budget? Or are you somewhat tight on money?

If you have any questions or need assistance choosing the right type of storage, we are more than glad to help. Contact us and we’ll provide you with all the necessary details.