Outdoor Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are revolutionizing the storage industry. The use of mobile storage by both homeowners and businesses is dramatically increasing, as people become more aware of their many applications and benefits. Just ask yourself: are you planning to renovate, move, or de-clutter, and need somewhere protected to store your belongings? Do you have basement, garage or closet that is packed with seasonal stuff you use only once in a while? Is your office packed with files and records that need to be kept, but are taking up valuable work space? Does your business have tools, equipment and/or materials that it uses at different job sites? Do you have a family member who is aging, and will be downsizing? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then portable storage may come as a much-needed solution to your problems.

Portable Storage For Home Remodeling and Renovation

Man and Woman Near Storage Boxes

Portable storage units are extremely useful if you need a temporary place to store contents during a home renovation. They provide a quick, easy and affordable way to empty your home of any items that may get in the way of or be damaged by the construction work.

Construction Site Storage

Worker Locking White Container

What if there was an easy way for your business to save time and reduce costs? People who work in the construction industry know that time is money, and that success depends on having the right tools, equipment and materials on hand when they need them. But moving stuff to and from the job site, or from one site to the next is inefficient, expensive and time consuming. Just think of all the hours and energy spent loading and unloading, the costs of running one or more vehicles (gas, mileage, insurance…) and the hours wasted driving (especially with traffic congestion in the GTA!). As a general contractor, portable storage leads to a cleaner, safer site. As a tradesperson, a mobile storage unit allows you to safely store tools and materials onsite, and relocate them at will. As a property manager or landscaper, you can use portable storage for seasonal essentials like snow removal and landscaping equipment.

Event Storage

Event storage

Are you planning an event? Then you know organization is key to success. Whether it’s a private function like a wedding or bar mitzvah, a public shindig like a festival or sports game, or a corporate event such as the annual golf tournament or barbeque, each will benefit from having secure storage before, during and after the fact. Food, catering equipment, merchandise, supplies, documents, temporary structures such as tents and canopies … the list goes on. Portable storage containers are an extremely convenient solution, providing easy onsite storage for any needs that arise. And with Blue Sky’s agile delivery system, you can put a pod almost anywhere – driveways, parking lots, fields, side and rear yards are all fair game.

Seasonal Equipment Storage

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Is your home jammed with stuff you only use half the year? Many homeowners struggle with the sheer volume of seasonal equipment – leaf blowers, snowblowers, lawn mowers, gardening tools – not to mention seasonal sports equipment like hockey gear, skis and bikes, and then there’s the annual decorations for Christmas, Halloween etc. etc. These items take up a lot of valuable space in your home that could be put to better use. Since you only need them at certain times of the year, why not store them away in a portable storage box that you can access at any time?

Aging and Estate Storage

Do you have an aging family member or close friend who is entering long-term care? Or perhaps you are in the process of managing their estate? Though natural, these processes can be emotionally challenging, unexpected, and fraught with logistical complexity. If sorting through material possessions is not a high priority, then portable storage provides a way to postpone that task until you have the time and energy to dedicate to doing it right.

Disaster Relief Storage

firemen at burned house

Unfortunately, there are times when mother nature is destructive and we have to respond quickly to minimize the damage. Portable storage is a critical tool for adapting to natural disasters such as a flood or a fire. Mobile storage containers are a great way to quickly relocate and protect essentials such as clothing, furniture, electronics and documents, while repairs to the damage are undertaken.

Moving Storage Units

self storage containers stock at interior storage

If you’re moving, there are distinct advantages to using portable storage rather than a conventional mover: portable storage leaves you in complete control over your possessions, your moving schedule, and access to your goods if you have a gap between your move-out and your move-in. Blue Sky offers portable storage units in different sizes, and with storage arrangements to suit your needs for location and access.

Containers Standing Outside in The Winter

Portable storage units give you the ability to only have in your home things that are functional or add to the decor and aesthetics of your home. Declutter your home by clearing out the basement and garage so you use the space more effectively. You can also pack up seasonal clothes you will not need for another year or so and store them in a safe place.

Relocation Storage

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If you’re moving, you may want to begin clearing out your home little by little. Storing boxes that have already been packed outside of the home will help reduce some of the stress associated with moving. Getting these boxes out of your sight so they don’t continue to create clutter in your home gives you more room to work with. We all know how stressful moving can be, so you do what to do what you can to ensure you have the smoothest moving experience possible.