Outside Storage for Blue Sky Containers

Portable storage boxes come in a variety of sizes. Figuring out what size you need is the tricky part – this will be determined by a number of factors that you should think about before going ahead with a rental. Once you’ve gone through the steps below, you can and should consult with a storage unit provider. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to have as much detail as possible about your storage needs before you rent a mobile storage box.

Before You Rent a Portable Storage Container

In order to determine the size of the storage unit most suited for you, there a few simple steps you need to follow first:

Step 1: Figure Out the Items You Need to Store

This step is arguably the most important when it comes to picking out a portable storage unit. This is when you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many items do you want to store?
  • How long do you plan on keeping those items in the storage container?
  • Will you need to access your storage on a regular basis in the future, or can you go without access to these items for an extended period?

Answering those questions will give you and the storage container company you work with a sense of the storage box you need, and the best arrangement for your storage—short term, long term, at your location or at a storage facility).

Step 2: Create a Detailed Inventory of the Items You Will Store… Including Measurements

In order to help you decide the perfect size container for storage, experts recommend taking note of every item you wish to store. Not only will this help you stay organised while packing and moving, it will also allow you to think about the storing process itself.

Knowing the dimensions of the things you will put away helps to ensure that they fall into place in your storage unit like a jigsaw. This step will enable you to make the best use of the space you have as smartly and as efficiently as possible.

Open Doors with Inside Look of Blue Sky Storage Box

Consider the following questions:

  1. Can you prop your couch up on its end?
  2. Can your bed lay flat on top of other items?
  3. Do you need a dolly to easily maneuver your fridge or other heavy items in and out of the container?

Try to keep those details in mind and you will streamline your experience of packing, moving, and storing.

Step 3: Consider Accessibility to Your Items

During this step, you should determine whether and which items you might need to access, and how often you need to access your portable storage unit. Bear in mind the following points:

  • For items you believe you might need to access, it is recommended that you store them close to the storage container door. Items you will not need for a while can be stored towards the back end of the storage unit.
  • If you have hired a large enough container, it is a good idea to leave some space that serves as an aisle where you can move items around.

Step 4: Browse Portable Storage Units

Now that you have gone over the previous steps, it is time to explore portable storage options. Storage providers usually offer a range of storage sizes that vary according to their intended purpose. The most popular storage container sizes, however, are the following:

8’ Container

This storage container size is ideal for storing the equivalent of a one-bedroom condo, a small apartment, small offices looking to store boxes of unused files, extra furniture or office equipment. If you wish to keep a room’s worth of items stored in a safe space, an 8ft storage container is the right one for you. This storage box is also great if you do not have much room at your property because it will not take up a lot of space in your driveway or lawn.

Photo of Small Storage Container

16’ Container

A portable storage unit of this size is designed to accommodate the contents of 2 to 4 average-sized bedrooms. This is the most commonly used size container for residential storage during renovations or moving, because it can hold up a lot of items and weight. For this reason, this storage box is also widely used in industrial and commercial storing and moving, as well.

Photo of Larg Storage Container

Plenty of Options in Store

Although it can be tricky to determine the right storage container size for your needs, by following these steps you can ensure you get the right size of container, have access when you need it, and make the overall process much easier. If you are still having difficulties deciding, you can send your item inventory to a portable storage company and they would be able to help you pick out the most convenient and effective option.