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So you have a date and are finally ready to move to your new place. Unfortunately, this date just so happens to fall on the coldest day of the season.

Although moving is a lot of work no matter what time of year it is, it’s even harder in the winter. There are many additional factors you must bear in mind that you wouldn’t when moving on a warm, summer’s day.

Nevertheless, there are a few helpful tips and tricks you can follow that will make your move in the winter a smooth sailing.

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1. Hire Professional Movers

Even if you weren’t initially planning on hiring a professional moving service, this might be the time to do it. If you urgently need to evict your old place, professional movers will help you save plenty of time. Movers also have a lot more experience moving in winter than you do, and their expertise will make loading and unloading a much quicker, easier task.Photo of Truck Trailer with Forklift on It

2. Rent a Portable Storage Container

If you rent a mobile storage container, you don’t have to worry about driving a big truck or pull a trailer behind your vehicle in terrible weather. The wonderful thing about storage containers is that all you have to do is pack your things and the mobile storage company will take care of the rest. Your storage container gets picked up and delivered right to your new doorstep, making it an investment our customers are happy to make: “I would consider Mike at Blue Sky Storage ‘the hero of the day’.  It was a prompt and efficient service.  He made our move so easy and problem-free”.Photo of Bluesky Storage Container

3. Shovel and Salt the Driveway

It’s always advisable to keep your driveway clean from snow in the winter, but it is even more crucial to do so when you are moving. Use salt or gravel (or the environmentally preferred solution – beet juice!) on your driveway the night before and shovel any snow the day of. Make sure to leave a big enough pathway so that you can comfortably move your items out of the house. This tip seems simple enough, yet it will spare you the trouble of dealing with unwanted snow during your move, and help you avoid any related injury.

4. Protect Your Carpets and Floors

Since you will be moving in and out of the house, you’ll inevitably be transferring salt and snow onto your floors and carpets. So if you want to keep your carpets and floors in mint condition, it is recommended you cover them using plastic film or tarp that you can find at any hardware store. For extra floor protection, you can even lay mats at every entry to minimise salt and snow you carry into the house.

5. Set up an Emergency Contact List

For added peace of mind, it’s a smart idea to have a list of numbers you might need during your move. This includes roadside assistance, highway patrol, and your movers’ contact information. You should also communicate your moving details to a family member or a friend you can rely on in case you need help while moving.

6. Keep Hot Beverages Handy

A nice warm tea or hot chocolate will make you feel like all will be okay even if there’s a blizzard outside. Make sure you have a hot drink on hand for yourself and your movers. When you can’t feel your fingers anymore or your movers need a break from the cold, serving a warm beverage will restore your energy and make your movers feel appreciated.

7. Have a Backup Plan

Although you’ve been planning your move for weeks—maybe months even—the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. In the event the roads are really bad, your car doesn’t start in the morning, or your movers cannot make it to your house, it’s good to have a reliable backup plan for every potential hiccup along the way.Photo of outdoor storage