Happy young couple holding cardboard boxes

Moving is one of those situations where you can never be over-prepared!

Our storage experts have helped countless customers make their move as manageable as possible. With the proper tools and supplies, you’ll be able to pack up your belongings quickly and safely to load into your portable storage pod or moving truck.

To help you prepare for the big day, we’ve created a comprehensive list of essential moving supplies, including items that are available for purchase or rent through Blue Sky Storage.

  1. Boxes (Available for Purchase:) Ensure you have a variety of shapes and sizes and don’t overload boxes with heavy items. Custom boxes for difficult-to-pack items like TVs and dishes can be useful to prevent damage.
  2. Labels and Markers: Keep a list of what you’ve packed and label boxes with a permanent marker as you go. Indicate which boxes are fragile and which should be placed in specific rooms.
  3. Padding: Bubble and foam wrap are ideal for protecting breakables like dishes and decorative objects. We recommend covering delicate items with multiple layers of padding before placing them into a box.
  4. Packing tape (Available for Purchase): Don’t compromise quality by purchasing low-end packing tape. To prevent boxes from breaking, packing tape should be strong, durable, and is best applied with a tape gun. 
  5. Garbage bags: Garbage bags are useful for last-minute clean-ups and packing stray items such as clothing and bedding. 
  6. Cleaning supplies: We recommend having basic cleaning supplies on-hand, including a broom, dustpan, multi-purpose spray and paper towels.
  7. Gloves: Gloves with a rubber grip are essential to protect your hands while carrying large boxes.
  8. Furniture Protection (Available for Purchase): To protect and cushion your furniture, stock up on mattress bags, furniture pads, blankets and tarps.
  9. Furniture assembly tools: Keep a small kit of the tools needed to disassemble furniture and Ziploc bags to store loose screws and small parts. 
  10. Measuring tape (Available for Purchase): Ensure you have space for all of your belongings! A measuring tape can be used to measure your storage unit and the boxes that need to go inside.
  11. Tie-downs (Available for Rent): Tie-downs including ropes and ratchet straps will safely hold your items in place as your storage unit is transported to its new location.
  12. Ramps and Dollies (Available for Rent): Ramps and dollies minimize the risk of damage and injury when transporting boxes.
  13. Scissors and/or an Exacto Knife: These items will both come in handy when it’s finally time to unpack your boxes!

Reach out to our team to rent or purchase moving supplies or for more information about renting a portable storage unit.