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* Note: We charge monthly. Some of our competitors charge on a 28-day cycle (which adds one full billing cycle per year).

Portable Storage


   8’ Unit at Customer Site


   16’ Unit at Customer Site$209.99


   8’ Unit at Blue Sky


   16’ Unit at Blue Sky$234.99
Vehicle Storage


   Regular: Up to 16’Length


   Oversize: 16-32’ Length$189.99

* Prices increase with storage size and additional options. All prices are subject to availability and HST.

*Delivery FeesMin. RangeMax. RangeCost Per Trip
Zone 10 km25 km$69.99 / unit
Zone 225.1 km50 km$79.99 / unit
Zone 350.1 km75 km$99.99 / unit
Zone 475.1 km100 km$199.99 / unit

*For delivery over 100 km, the price is calculated as follows: zone 4 base rate + $1.50 per every extra km.

For example: if the delivery distance is 150 km, the price is;
For the first 100km = $199.99 base rate
For the remaining 50km = $1.50×50 = $75
Total fee = $199.99 + $75 = $274.99