Are you looking for storage in Burlington? Perhaps you’re downsizing, moving or enhancing your small business productivity. Regardless, you’ll need a storage solution that is convenient and reliable. While Burlington has a few options for conventional self-storage, they’re not what you’d call convenient – the burden of loading your vehicle, making multiple trips to and fro, not to mention the cost and nuisance a rental for those bigger items.

We’re here to tell you there’s a better way: mobile storage. Blue Sky delivers portable storage containers to your doorstep. You pack at your own site and your own pace. Once your storage pod is ready, you can store it at your site, or at Blue Sky’s facility, and we’ll redeliver it whenever you’re ready (even to a different address if you’re moving)! Mobile storage saves you space, it saves you time, and it can save you money.

Residential Mobile Storage Burlington

mobile storage units burlington

As a homeowner, you might need mobile storage to:

  • Protect your possessions during renovations or while staging your home
  • Provide more flexibility than conventional movers
  • Park your vehicle during the off-season
  • Reduce clutter in your home
  • Facilitate downsizing or manage an estate

Commercial Mobile Storage Burlington

construction site

For business owners, mobile storage offers a quick, easy and cost effective to drive efficiency and productivity. Freeing up space around the office can make way for additional staff, business equipment, or improvements to the staff lounge. Our business clients use mobile storage to:

  • Store documents for the long term (one 8’ x 8’ storage unit holds up to 96 regular filing boxes, or 2-3 work stations worth of floor space!)
  • Avoid damage to furniture during a move, renovation or transition
  • Keep equipment handy on the job site

Mobile Storage in Burlington

Blue Sky Storage provides Burlington with superior storage solutions, as well as competitive pricingtransparent terms, and unparalleled customer service. Working with Blue Sky you can expect:

  • 5-star Customer Service
  • Top Quality Product
  • An Incredibly Agile Delivery System
  • Flexible Options for Access
  • A Safe, Secure and Conveniently Located Facility

Welcome to a new era of convenient storage. We look forward to helping you.