What is a portable storage container?

Portable storage containers are large boxes similar to shipping containers, which are delivered to your home or business, so that you can store things at your own site, at your own pace.

Why would I choose portable storage rather than self-storage?

Portable storage offers a number of benefits compared to self-storage: it eliminatesthe need to stick to a mover’s schedule
• the need to load up your vehicle (especially helpful for large
• furniture and appliances),
• the burden of driving to and from your locker

Where are Units stored?

With Blue Sky, you can keep your Unit at your own site, or have us store it at our facility indoors with climate control.

Why should I choose Blue Sky Storage?

Blue Sky offers some unique and important benefits including:
• Competitive rates: we strive to provide you fair and transparent pricing, including some of the lowest transport costs in the industry
• The best containers on the market:
○ All steel construction for extreme durability
○ Vented with weather stripping for superior moisture control
○ Built in D-rings and posts for tying down your contents
○ Marine-grade non-slip plywood flooring
○ Hinged doors only, no annoying roll-ups
○ Many of our competitors use inferior containers with wood frames and plastic or fibreglass sides, roll up doors and OSB floors. With Blue Sky, you know your contents will be easily accessible, safe and secure.
• Superior delivery method: our “mule” keeps your unit and contents level while loading and unloading, so no damage will occur; it’s also very nimble and precise compared to our competitors, so it won’t chew up your lawn or garden bed
• Timely response: as a new business with a single location, we strive to provide better, faster and friendlier service than the bigger names in the industry
• Climate control: you have the option to store your unit indoors for added peace of mind

How much does portable storage cost?

Blue Sky’s prices start at $149.99 per month plus delivery for an 8’ Unit stored at your site. Prices go up from there depending on what size you want, and where you want it stored. Please see our pricing page for further details.

Do you have storage supplies?

Yes, we offer a full range of items for rent and purchase, to ensure a superior storage experience.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Blue Sky accepts payment by Credit Card. Accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover Card.

How big are the Units? How much fits inside?

Blue Sky offers two Unit sizes, with exterior dimensions as follows (interior dimensions are roughly 6” less per dimension): Length: 8’ Width: 8’ Height: 8’ Capacity: contents of 1-2 rooms Length: 16’ Width: 8’ Height: 8’ Capacity: contents of 3-4 rooms

How much space do I need for the Unit?

• Width: ten (10) feet minimum.
• Length: twenty (20) feet minimum, to accommodate a 16-foot container, plus doors and walking space. Please note that more space may be required for sloped conditions.
• Height: ten (10) feet minimum where conditions are sloped, and nine (9) feet minimum for even grades.
• Note: Blue Sky does not deliver to underground locations.

Is there a weight restriction?

Yes, Blue Sky has a carrying capacity of 7,500 lbs per Unit for the contents (plus the weight of the container). Units are weighed on site prior to pickup. It is the client’s responsibility to reduce overweight units prior to them leaving site – please see our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Can I move or alter the Storage Unit myself?

No. Movement or alteration of the Unit by the Customer is not allowed for safety reasons. Should you require movement of your unit, or desire alteration for a custom storage solution, please consult with a Blue Sky Team Member directly.

What is the range of Blue Sky’s climate control?

Blue Sky strives to maintain an indoor temperature of +10 to +35 degrees Celsius.

Are my contents insured while in storage?

Blue Sky provides a base level of coverage of $1,000 per unit. You can purchase additional coverage of $10,000 per unit. Our coverage applies from the time Blue Sky picks up the Unit at your address and remains in effect until we re-deliver the Unit to you. Blue Sky’s insurance does not cover Units stored at Customer’s sites – it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure their contents are covered during this time.

Does Blue Sky store vehicles (RVs / boats / cars)?

Blue Sky will be introducing outdoor storage for vehicles in the Spring of 2019.