Why Partner with Blue Sky?

Many businesses can benefit from the flexibility and scalability of portable storage. But it needs to be hassle-free. What really sets Blue Sky apart is our approach to customer service. We strive to build true partnerships based on trust and reliability, because your success is our success. When you work with us, you’ll receive:

Communication & Support
Friendly, direct and transparent

We work with you to define and meet your needs

Reliable delivery and pickup – every time

Top Quality
Weatherproof units, vented, with non-slip floors and hinged doors for easy access

Agile Delivery
Low impact, requires minimal clearance and allows for flexible placement

Partner Pricing
Meaningful discounts on long term and repeat business


To find out more, please give us a call now:

833-256-BLUE (-2583)

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Who We Partner With

Blue Sky is already helping many local businesses, from real estate agencies to landscapers to contractors and trades. If you’re looking to increase efficiency or provide added value for your clients, contact us today to learn more about how Blue Sky can support your success. Blue Sky’s partnerships include companies in the categories:


Event Storage

Portable storage pods are invaluable for event storage. For event planners, or companies involved in group activities such as concerts, festivals, pop-up markets, sports or private functions, a mobile storage unit can greatly improve your organization and streamline your process.


Storage for Home Construction, Renovation & Remediation

Renting portable storage is a convenient way to keep your client’s belongings safe, clean and accessible during a construction or home renovation job. After all, we all know home renovations can be messy!


Storage for Landscaping

Outdoor furniture and appliances can certainly get in the way of a backyard makeover. With a portable storage rental, you can ensure your client’s belongings remain safe and sound throughout a landscaping project.


Storage for Real Estate Agents

Preparing for an open house? Renting a mobile storage unit is a quick and easy way to keep spaces clean, organized and picture-perfect for that all important viewing!


Storage for Home Stagers

Make the staging process hassle-free and store unneeded furniture off-site with our portable storage pods.


Storage for Home Organizers

Portable storage makes for an efficient, stress-free home organization and decluttering project. Your client’s personal belongings are secure with our storage pods.


Storage for Institutions

Hospitals and educational institutions are increasingly pressed for space. But the cost of expansion is onerous. Portable storage pods provide a solution for keeping supplies, furniture and equipment onsite, at a fraction of the price of a permanent facility. Agile delivery gives the added convenience of using existing parking spaces, and relocating units as you see fit.


Storage for Interior Designers

Looking to store old or excess furniture while redecorating? Keep it safe and sound with on-site portable storage pods.